ULA Set to Launch Last Ever ‘Single Stick’ Delta IV Rocket from Cape Canaveral Written 16 August 2019

16 August 2019
Florida Today reports that next week’s launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket will be the last ever featuring the “single stick” medium-lift variant. Space Florida Chief of Strategic Alliances Dale Ketcham said, “Delta IV was an awesome beast that put a lot of heavy, extremely important payloads into space.” He added, “Delta IV served well, but business moves on.” During the liftoff planned for August 22, “[s]pectators gazing up at the morning sky” will be able to observe the Delta IV’s “strap-on solid rocket motors leaving an exhaust trail as it vaults an Air Force spacecraft to orbit from Cape Canaveral.” (Image: ULA Delta IV rocket rolls to launch pad | NASA)
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