Florida’s Kennedy Space Center Braces For Hurricane Dorian Written 30 August 2019

30 August 2019
CBS News  reports that “NASA civil servants and contractors at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida are bracing for high winds and rain from Hurricane Dorian.” Staff at the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) have made preparations to store “a 6.7-million-pound mobile launch tower” at the VAB, which “was designed to withstand winds of 125 miles per hour without major damage.” Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana said, “Right now, we’re looking at a Cat-4 hurricane, which is nothing to sneeze at.” He added, “It’s predicted to come in a little south of us, which actually puts us on the wet side of the storm, the storm surge, which is a concern.” A ULA spokeswoman “said the company is making sure its vehicles are protected in processing facilities at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.”(Image: NOAA’s GOES-East satellite tracks Dorian’s progression towards the U.S.  | NASA)
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