NASA Veteran Engineer Discusses 2024 Lunar Mission Written 5 September 2019

5 September 2019
An article in Aerospace America details an August 30 interview with veteran NASA engineer Lisa Watson-Morgan regarding the agency’s 2024 lunar mission plans “and the strategy underlying them.” Watson-Morgan expressed optimism despite the challenges of meeting the planned 2024 launch date, and she emphasized the role of collaboration between NASA and commercial partners. Prior to the inclusion of updated reference language in NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS) competition draft, Watson-Morgan “was concerned that contractors might decide to give NASA what they think the agency wants, rather than submitting fresh ideas.” She said, “I’m looking for the most innovative way that we can safely” travel to the moon and back. NASA’s HLS draft announcement “invites competitors to ‘propose a commercial launch vehicle approach’ in which the HLS could be transported to space and to the Gateway in one piece or as separate parts.” (Image: Lisa Watson-Morgan, HLS program manager | NASA)
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