Rise Of Clean Energy In Permian Basin Providing UAV Opportunities Written 13 September 2019

13 September 2019
The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports that UAVs “are increasingly dotting Permian Basin skies, looking for methane and pipeline leaks and scouring both proposed pipeline routes and well locations.” The “rise of wind and solar farms” in the West Texas region has also opened “new markets for drone companies, such as Midland’s Thermal Cam USA.” Thermal Cam CEO Peter Walper said that UAVs can survey wind turbines for damage. He added, “We can do seven or eight turbines a day and fly a drone to where it looks within an arm’s length. There are one or two national firms that can do that, none regionally.” He also said, “We can do the same on solar panels and transmission lines. We can do digital photos of the damage or thermal photos of transformer damage.” (Image: Utility drone | Associated Press-©)
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