Wing Begins UAS Deliveries In Christiansburg, Virginia Written 21 October 2019


The Washington Post reported that UAV company Wing on October 18 made successful UAV deliveries to three different locations in Christiansburg, Virginia. One destination, a residential home, received “a FedEx box containing a new puffy vest” from Dick’s Sporting Goods. FedEx Express Regional President Richard Smith was present for one of the deliveries Friday, which marked the first commercial UAV deliveries to homes in the US. Smith said, “There’s been a lot of talk about drones. Today, we’re actually doing it. We’re actually delivering an e-commerce order to someone’s doorstep. This is not vaporware. This is real. It’s here today.” (Image: Flirtey's delivery drone during a 2016 test delivery for 7-Eleven | Flirtey Technology)
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