NASA To Promote Commercial UAV Usage Written 30 October 2019

A test drone making a UPS delivery lands on Children's Island in Marblehead, MA, 22 Sept. 2016. | Associated Press–©

CNET News reports that NASA is seeking to improve the maturation of UAV technology. In remarks Tuesday at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine “touted an urban future with thousands of drone deliveries a day.” Bridenstine said, “We want to see by 2028 at least one city – maybe more than one – have the ability to control hundreds of unmanned aerial systems. They could be carrying cargo or could be carrying people, doing thousands of missions every day.” Bridenstine “believes part of the solution will involve moving to battery-powered drones from gas-powered ones” in order to reduce costs, carbon emissions, and noise levels.
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