AIAA Executive Director Statement of Support for Space Sustainability Resolution Written 31 October 2019

Dan Dumbacher c
AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher | AIAA-©

CONTACT: John Blacksten

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)—the world’s largest aerospace technical society—endorses Senators Tom Udall and Tim Kaine’s resolution in support of the United Nations’ 21 guidelines for the sustainable use of space. This is especially timely as AIAA has just finished hosting the 70th International Astronautical Congress, where senior domestic and international space stakeholders discussed the importance of collaboration when it comes to space exploration, space situational awareness, and space sustainability.

AIAA, on behalf of the broader aerospace community, has been an advocate for addressing space debris concerns and a champion for stronger space traffic management. This advocacy will only increase as AIAA works to build the space economy through its forums and the work of its Space Traffic Management Working Group. It is imperative for the United States to continue to work with the global space community to ensure that all actors abide by these recommended behaviors and best practices in space. The United States must remain a leader in this effort, and the adoption of this resolution will send a strong, positive message about our commitment to our international counterparts.

We look forward to working with Congress and the administration, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, our industry partners, academia, and the international space community to conform to these guidelines and ensure long-term sustainability of space. 

Dan Dumbacher
AIAA Executive Director