Mystery Of Aerial Phenomena Written 4 November 2019

A U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet pilot from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in 2004 reported detecting a fast-moving unidentified object. | U.S. Navy

Aerospace America detailed the proliferation of reports by “U.S. Navy fighter pilots and weapons officers” of “strange objects maneuvering quickly with unheard of agility around their aircraft.” Former U.S. Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves “is one of three F/A-18 pilots who have publicly described encounters with small, featureless objects that, depending on the account, descended and ascended with incredible mobility before accelerating and vanishing.” In an interview, Graves explained, “Usually we’d just say, ‘we’re seeing one of those damn things again.’” Carlo Kopp, a defense analyst from Australia, disagrees with the notion that the pilots “ seeing the latest in Chinese or Russian drones.” Kopp “knows of no Chinese or Russian drones that ‘are large enough to provide the unrefueled operating radius to reach the’” continental U.S. and “says there’s ‘no evidence to date’” of Russian or Chinese drones that are “‘more technologically advanced’ than the latest U.S. technology.”
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