Select US Airlines Interested In Accepting 737 MAX Jets Before FAA Pilot Training Approval Written 13 November 2019

Three grounded Boeing 737 MAX airplanes sit parked in a lot normally used for cars in an area adjacent to Boeing Field Thursday, 15 August 2019, in Seattle. | Associated Press

Reuters reports that some domestic airlines have expressed interest in taking deliveries of Boeing 737 MAX jets before the FAA finalizes its requirements for training pilots on the aircraft. The Boeing Company has produced hundreds of the 737 MAX jets since the aircraft was grounded in March. The production surplus has forced Boeing to “park un-flown jets at facilities across Washington state until regulators approve software and training updates.” By beginning to deliver the jets in December, Boeing “would get a head start on what airlines predict will be the biggest delivery logjam in civil aviation history, while also protecting output.” A person familiar with the matter said that airplanes do not start depreciating until they fly, so a parked jet holds the same value as a new jet.
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