Transport Canada Collaborating With Other Regulators On 737 MAX Written 22 November 2019


Three grounded Boeing 737 MAX airplanes sit parked in a lot normally used for cars in an area adjacent to Boeing Field Thursday, 15 August 2019, in Seattle. | Associated Press

The Toronto (CAN) Star reports that Transport Canada is working with other aviation regulators, including the FAA, to coordinate ending the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, “We’re getting there.” Canada will not clear the jet to fly until the company addresses Transport Canada’s concerns about the jet’s software, hardware, and procedures and training for pilots of the jet. Garneau said, “We’re adamant about that. This airplane will not be cleared in Canada until that.” He added, “There’s a massive coordination effort quite apart from the validation of the fix. It’s important we co-ordinate the return in such a way that everybody feels yes, we’ve addressed the problems.”
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