Boeing 747 Factory Ends Operations Written 25 November 2019


A United Airlines Boeing 747 | Aero Icarus/Wikimedia Commons

Bloomberg reported that “the Southern California factory that has churned out fuselages for every Boeing 747 jumbo jetliner is being sold for parts, potentially hastening the demise of the iconic aircraft.” Since November 20, Boeing 747-8 program supplier Triumph Group has begun “to clear out a storied plant with an online auction of manufacturing gear.” Previously, The Boeing Company had “explored plans to take over manufacturing of the 172-foot-long fuselage sections” at a plant in Macon, Georgia. However, the company “scrapped the idea in 2016 amid tepid sales.” Boeing spokesman Paul Bergman said via email, “We are continuing to build 747-8s to meet the backlog of orders for the airplane and will continue to make the right decisions to keep the production line healthy.” He added, “With production slots filled for the next several years, we are working closely with our suppliers to deliver on our customer commitments.”
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