FAA Tells Boeing It Will Review Hundreds Of Individual 737 MAX Planes Written 2 December 2019


Grounded Boeing 737 MAX airplanes parked adjacent to Boeing Field, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, in Seattle. | Associated Press

CNBC reported that last week, the FAA informed The Boeing Company that it will review each of the “new 737 MAX airplanes currently in storage” before allowing them to be delivered to customers due to the “number of challenges for airworthiness certification, production, and delivery, which significantly exceed any that the Boeing system has previously experienced.” In a letter to Boeing’s compliance chief, the FAA said that it “will retain such authority” over the certification process “for all 737 MAX airplanes. ... until the agency is confident that, at a minimum, Boeing has fully functional quality control and verification processes in place; delivery processes are similarly functional and stable; and Boeing’s 737 MAX compliance, design, and production processes meet all regulatory standards and conditions for delegation and ensure the safety of the public.”
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