Boeing Starliner Test Delayed To December 20 Written 9 December 2019


Boeing CST-100 Starliner | NASA)

SPACE reported that The Boeing Company’s “first uncrewed test flight of its Starliner spacecraft for astronauts is now set for no earlier than Dec. 20, one day later than planned.” In a statement December 6, United Launch Alliance (ULA) representatives said, “We successfully conducted a wet dress rehearsal (WDR), a critical pre-launch milestone, on Friday.” The practice run “for Boeing’s upcoming test flight on an Atlas V rocket” was changed by one day from December 5 due to a weather-related delay of the launch of SpaceX’s CRS-19 Dragon cargo flight to the ISS. ULA officials said, “We continue to work closely with Boeing to ensure that the Starliner flies as soon as the spacecraft and launch vehicle are ready.”
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