UAVs Over Colorado, Nebraska Remain Unexplained As FAA Investigates Written 3 January 2020


Civil Drone OnyxStar FOX-C8-XT | ZullyC3P/Wikipedia

The Washington Post reports that the UAVs flying in groups after dark in Colorado and Nebraska “have dominated headlines in local newspapers” and “fueled intense speculation on social media and unsettled residents” over the past several weeks, but that they “remain a mystery.” Theories about them range from “government surveillance and alien activity” to “less-nefarious explanations” such as land surveying and practice for drone shows. While the UAVs have alarmed residents, Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin implored residents against attempting to shoot down the drones “as it is a federal crime.” While the FAA has proposed a regulation requiring drones to be identified and tracked remotely, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said the timing of the proposal and the mysterious UAVs is a coincidence.
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