Musk Outlines Plans For SpaceX Starship System Written 21 January 2020


Artist's concept of the Starship's 2018 design following stage seperation | SpaceX; Wikipedia; CC0 1.0

SPACE reported that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk “outlined some ambitious goals for the company’s Starship Mars-colonization system during a flurry of Twitter posts on Thursday.” Starship, “Musk has said,” “will be capable of carrying up to 100 people, and a giant rocket named Super Heavy.” Both systems are intended to be reuseable – part of Musk’s goal to cut “the cost of spaceflight enough to make Mars colonization and other bold exploration feats economically feasible.” On Twitter, Musk indicated that “the eventual goal is to launch each Starship vehicle three times per day on average. Each Starship will be able to carry about 100 tons of payload to orbit, so, at that flight rate, every vehicle would loft about 100,000 tons annually, he explained.” Eventually, “Musk wants all of this activity to lead to the establishment of a sustainable settlement on” Mars.
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