Voyager 2 Suffers Glitch, NASA Engineers Believe They Have A Fix Written 30 January 2020


Artist's concept of NASA's Voyager spacecraft. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech |  NASA/JPL-Caltech

SPACE reports that NASA indicated that Voyager 2 “is recovering from a glitch, but engineers are confident that the probe will be back to normal science operations soon.” Mission scientists think that on January 25, Voyager “failed to take a quick spin that it needed to make to calibrate an instrument.” As a result, two “power-hungry systems stayed on longer than usual.” Then, according to a NASA statement, to “cope with the sudden power shortage, the spacecraft automatically turned its science instruments off.” Troubleshooting is reportedly “slow going” due to Voyager 2’s “distance from Earth.” However, “engineers think they’ve coaxed the spacecraft into shutting down one of the power-sucking systems and rebooting its science instruments, although the probe is not yet gathering data again.”
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