NIA, AIAA To Participate In “BraveHearts” STEM Education Program For Middle School Girls Written 6 February 2020


Former AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus speaks with over 400 students represesenting grades 3-5 at Woodley Hills Elementary School in Alexandria, VA, on Friday, 26 February 2016. | AIAA–©

The Newport News (VA) Daily Press reports that women from the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) and AIAA are leading STEM education activities at Jones Magnet Middle School in Hampton, Virginia. The appearances are a part of the school’s “BraveHearts club,” which is “a national organization for middle school girls, aimed at increasing confidence, leadership and empowerment through exposure to careers in” STEM. The program was established by Hampton City Schools “STEM teacher specialist” Becky McAlister, “who serves as educator in residence at NIA.” The first presentation was conducted on Monday by NIA Research Engineer Dr. Heather Kline.
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