NASA, Zero-G Announce Microgravity Flight Partnership Written 19 February 2020


Zero Gravity "G-FORCE ONE" aircraft | Zero Gravity Corporation/Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

SPACE reports that NASA and Zero Gravity Corp. (Zero-G) have established a new partnership which would see Zero-G “fly NASA payloads along with research teams from the agency, providing microgravity flights to test new technology and support scientific experiments.” Zero-G “is a company that provides people with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of floating in microgravity on parabolic flights.” Zero-G CEO Matt Gohd said in an emailed statement, “This is a defining moment in history. Breaking this barrier is a critical first step on the path that will enable NASA personnel and their payloads to fly missions on our commercial aircraft.” One of the first payloads flown will be the NASA Johnson Space Center-KBRwyle “Evaluation of 0-G Rowing Feasibility and Acceptability” experiment. During the experiment, “a research team will perform rowing exercises at different velocities and resistances during the ‘zero gravity’ portions of the flight. The team will use a prototype rowing exercise device to complete the experiment and will test it out in a number of different configurations and positions.”
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