NASA to Use Supercomputers to Look for Potential Treatment for COVID-19 Written 24 March 2020


NASA’s supercomputing powerhouse, Pleiades, located at Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. | NASA

Daily Express (UK) reports that NASA “supercomputers are joining the effort to look for potential treatment and vaccine candidates for COVID-19.” On Monday, the White House announced the initiative, which will bring “together NASA and the National Science Foundation as well as hosting the Department of Energy laboratories, companies and academic institutions” which are “looking to come up with solutions faster than humans are capable of.” IBM “sparked the initiative, partnering with the US government to make a vast number of supercomputers available.” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said on Twitter, “I’m proud that NASA is lending our supercomputing expertise to assist in the global fight against COVID-19.”
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