SpaceX Looking to Hire Engineers, Welders for Production of Starship Written 26 March 2020


Artist's concept of the Starship's 2018 design following stage seperation | SpaceX; Wikipedia; CC0 1.0

SPACE reports that SpaceX “is looking to hire lots of folks to help ramp up production and testing of its ambitious Starship Mars-colonizing architecture over the coming months – and the company recently issued a public recruiting pitch.” SpaceX Lead Manufacturing Engineer Jessica Anderson said during a webcast last week, “The design goal for Starship is three flights per day on average [per ship], which equates to roughly 1,000 flights per year at greater than 100 tons per flight. This means every 10 ships would yield 1 megaton per year to orbit.” She continued, “This is a significant effort, and we are looking for highly skilled engineers and welders to help us make this a reality.” 
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