Companies Remotely Working On Spacecraft Maintenance Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Written 30 March 2020


Flight controllers in NASA's Mission Control Center | NASA

Space News reported that “with the coronavirus pandemic limiting options for personnel to gather in mission control centers to operate spacecraft, some companies are turning to virtual approaches to maintain their spacecraft.” Kubos CEO Marshall Culpepper said, “With current technology, there’s no technical reason to require operators to be within visual range of a satellite dish, or even in the same time zone.” Kubos “has been ‘a 100% remote company’ since its inception, and so is aware of the needs of security and reliability.” Culpepper said, “We realize that this is a shift for much of the aerospace industry, but the ability to remotely continue business as usual has quickly become a necessity.” Another company, Planet, “which runs the largest remote sensing satellite system in the world,” said in a March 19 statement, “All spacecraft management systems are designed to be operated remotely, so our ability to provide imagery products and services to our customers will continue without interruption.” 
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