Navy to Accelerate Contracts Amid Economic Slowdown Caused by Coronavirus Outbreak Written 3 April 2020


US Navy P-8 Poseidon taking off  | Darren Koch; Wikipedia; GFDL 1.2

UPI reports that the Navy “will award some contracts earlier than planned in an effort to offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the defense industry.” Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research James Geurts “told reporters the Navy is planning on awarding contracts for a variety of initiatives that have already been authorized and appropriated by Congress – such as a $1.6 billion deal for The Boeing Company’s P-8 aircraft.” Geurts “said handing out large contracts now will ensure suppliers get paid quickly and can then pay their smaller suppliers.” He said, “We cannot let this crisis impede our continued push for ensuring we have the right technology in the hands of our sailors and Marines five or 10 years from now.”
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