Airbus Helicopters Claims Racer is on Track to Meet Late 2021 Deadline Written 10 April 2020


Artist's rendition of an Airbus Helicopters Racer high-speed technology demonstrator. | Airbus

FlightGlobal reports that Airbus Helicopters “insists that its Racer high-speed technology demonstrator is still on track to meet a revised first flight deadline of late 2021, despite some development items lagging behind schedule.” Part “of the EU’s Clean Sky 2 program, the Racer is a compound helicopter design featuring twin pusher propellers mounted on V-shaped box-wings.” Airbus Helicopters chief engineer for Racer, Brice Makinadjian, said, “The fuselage will be delivered to our factory in the middle of 2020, and we will then officially start the Racer’s assembly sequence.” He “anticipates that from mid-2020 it will take around 12 months to obtain the necessary flight clearance for the helicopter, leading to a maiden sortie in the fourth quarter of 2021.”
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