DOD Looks to Keep Teleworking Capabilities After COVID-19 Pandemic Written 14 April 2020


A civilian employee of the USMC teleworks from home, 23 March 2010. | USMC; Wikipedia; public domain

FedScoop reports that DOD “plans to keep many parts of its recently enhanced teleworking capabilities in place for the long-term, hoping to use the response to the coronavirus pandemic as a springboard for a more digitally connected and telework-ready military.” In recent weeks, the Army “has experienced a 400 percent increase in network access for remote capabilities, while the Air Force has taken measured to increase its bandwidth by 130 percent, [DOD CIO Dana] Deasy said” in a Monday press briefing. Much “of the IT transformation the DOD is delivering usually takes months or years to plan and implement. Instead, it has been compressed into weeks and days to meet the challenges brought on by the coronavirus, said Lt. Gen. Bradford Shwedo, CIO for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who also spoke at the briefing.” Deasy said, “The way we work has changed dramatically. ... There is going to be an enhanced teleworking capability that will be sustained at the end of COVID-19.”
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