Friday Marks 30th Anniversary of Launch of Hubble Space Telescope Written 24 April 2020


Space shuttle Discovery launches on the STS-31 mission, 24 April 1990, carrying a five-member crew and the Hubble Space Telescope. | NASA

CBS News reports that Friday will be the 30th anniversary of the launch of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble’s “exquisite vision has allowed astronomers to study the chemical” makeup “of exoplanet atmospheres, to capture flyby-class views of planets in Earth’s solar system and to collect mind-bending ‘deep field’ images showing the first galaxies coalescing in the wake of the big bang.” Adam Riess – who “shared a Nobel Prize for Hubble research that helped confirm the expansion of the universe is accelerating” – said in an interview, “Obviously there will be other telescopes, but I don’t know if there’s going to be a telescope that takes us as far from sort of where we were to where we end up.”
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