Uber Designing eVTOL Skyports Despite Lack of Regulations, Standards Written 12 May 2020


Hyundai and Uber display their Aerial Ride-sharing Electric Air Taxi at CES 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2020 | Associated Press–©

Aviation Today reports that Uber is developing a design of Skyports “despite a dearth of industry standards and regulations” for urban air mobility. Uber, through Uber Elevate, “is working with at least eight developers of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, to be used for urban aviation in concert with cars, scooters and other modes of public transportation.” With the rollout “of its Uber Air service planned for 2023 in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Dallas, the company – and others planning to be early investors in ground infrastructure for urban air mobility – faces the challenge of building and designing in an uncertain environment.” Uber’s Skyport “design strategy is requirements-driven, based on existing heliport regulations provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and the design specifications of its partners’ aircraft, according to a presentation by [Uber’s] Brian Learn during a webinar hosted by the Vertical Flight Society.” Uber “is focused on renovating existing parking garages, as seen in previously revealed mockups created by design firms including Gensler, Pickard Chilton, The Beck Group and many others.” Learn’s “team is using a ‘common reference model’ eVTOL design created by Uber, called eCRM-003, as a guide for vehicle requirements, including size, weight, maneuverability, and charging.”
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