Aerojet to Make 24 RS-25 Engines for NASA’s SLS Program Using Additive Manufacturing Written 11 June 2020


RS-25 engine | NASA

3DPrint reports that Aerojet Rocketdyne “will be building a total of 24 RS-25 rocket engines” for NASA “to support as many as six” Space Launch Systems (SLS) “flights for a total contract value of almost $3.5 billion.” Six “new expendable RS-25 engines are already being assembled using advanced manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing,” that reduce “both the cost and time for manufacturing each engine.” The “additional 18 engines will continue to leverage supply chain optimization and the incorporation of additive manufacturing (AM) techniques that were already introduced in the initial SLS engine production.” Using AM techniques, Aerojet Rocketdyne “has implemented a plan to reduce the cost of the engines by more than 30% on future production when compared to the versions that flew on the Space Shuttle.”
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