Lead Author of Report Encourages US to Make Rules for Advanced Aerial Mobility System Written 19 June 2020


Artist's rendition of an urban aerial mobility environment | Aerospace America

Aerospace America reports that according to Chair of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s committee on enhancing air mobility Nick Lappos, US lawmakers should make advanced aerial mobility (AAM) a national priority. Lappos said Thursday during the 2020 AIAA AVIATION Forum, “If the United States doesn’t get together and help establish the rules and the processes so that the system can grow, then someone else will.” Lappos “spoke at the forum with other authors about the findings of their National Academies report, ‘Advancing Aerial Mobility: A National Blueprint,’” which was commissioned by NASA. In addition to “fostering AAM as a national priority, action by Congress is needed to give public agencies like NASA and FAA increased budgets to help develop the regulations, testing facilities, cybersecurity and air traffic control systems that AAM will need, said Lappos, a senior technical fellow at Sikorsky.”
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