USAF Using AI-Infused Training for UAV Pilots Written 23 June 2020


MQ-9 Reaper taxiing | U.S. Air Force photo; Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson; Wikipedia; Public Domain

Air Force Times reports that the US Air Force is expanding its RPA Training Next program to include “advanced, artificial intelligence-infused pilot training” for UAV pilots and sensor operators. In a June 1 interview, Program Director Maj. Adam Smith “said this new, high-tech system of learning has the potential to teach new remotely piloted aircraft aircrew faster and more efficiently than the old system, and fine-tune their lessons to what they actually need.” The AI “will track how a student is doing and tailor the flight simulation to keep challenging him or her at the right level.” Ultimately, the Air Force “hopes to build a database that stores all the AI-related data on each student, Smith said.”
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