Airbus Completes Two Years of ATTOL Flight Testing With Demonstration Written 30 June 2020


Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off and Landing (ATTOL) project completion | Airbus

Aviation International News reports that Airbus has “completed two years of flight testing for its” Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off, and Landing (ATTOL) project, which “culminated in a fully automatic, vision-based flight of an A350-1000 widebody airliner.” The flight was “achieved through the use of on-board image recognition technology, which the manufacturer described as a world-first in a June 29 press statement.” According “to Airbus, ATTOL was conceived to explore how autonomous technologies, including the use of machine learning algorithms and automated tools for data labeling, processing, and model generation could help pilots to focus more on strategic decision making and mission management during flights, rather than on aircraft operations.” The “goal is to boost the operational safety of existing airliners, but also potentially allow for autonomous flights by new generation eVTOL urban air mobility aircraft.”
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