Fully Virtual 2020 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and AIAA/IEEE Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS) Held Week of 24 August Written 15 July 2020


July 15, 2020 – Reston, Va. – Aerospace leaders from government, industry and academia will discuss the industry’s emerging propulsion and energy technologies, challenges, and opportunities during the 2020 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum held virtually 24–26 August.

The AIAA/IEEE Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS) will be held 26–28 August, directly following the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum.

The AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum is the only conference covering propulsion and energy technologies from both the aeronautics and space perspectives. Forum topics include electric aircraft, sustaining the low Earth orbit (LEO) ecosystem, using intelligent systems in energy and propulsion, breakthrough technologies, and more.

“The aerospace industry is looking to the future and how we’re going to get there faster, safer and more sustainably than ever before,” said Dan Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. “Aerospace leaders, researchers and up-and-comers are working on the technological advancements that will lead to the next leap. We’ll see those ideas in action and more at the 2020 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum”  

Confirmed notable speakers include:

  • Natalya Bailey, founder and CEO, Accion Systems
  • Robert Lightfoot, vice president, Strategy and Business Development, Lockheed Martin Space
  • Kathy Lueders, associate administrator, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Robert Pearce, associate administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Marla E. Pérez-Davis, center director, NASA Glenn Research Center

Forum 360 sessions

  • Sandra Cauffman, acting director, Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Walt Everetts, vice president, Space Operations and Engineering, Iridium Communications
  • Tim Maclay, CEO, Celestial Insight
  • Clare Martin, senior vice president, Astroscale
  • Michael Nicolls, founder and chief technical officer, LeoLabs
  • Skyler Shuford, founder and chief operating officer, Hermeus Corporation
  • Mary Wadel, deputy director, Aeronautics, NASA Glenn Research Center

While AIAA looks forward to meeting in person at future events, the Institute continues to transform the virtual experience. The virtual AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum includes some improvements to its online platform such as:

  • Schedule has better filters and ability to create customized schedule
  • Search includes full author list and better search functionality
  • Ability to chat with attendees
  • More intuitive design/easier to find information
  • Technical Q&A includes brief presentation recap

The online event follows the outline of the in-person forum. Plenary sessions offer high-level insight, while Forum 360 sessions are a more in-depth look at a topic. The forum will cover more than 20 technical disciplines.

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