Two BlackSky Satellites, 57 StarLink Satellites Launch Atop SpaceX Falcon 9 Written 7 August 2020


May 23, 2019, photo: A Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket, with a payload of 60 satellites for SpaceX's Starlink broadband network, lifts off from Florida. |  Associated Press–©

SpaceNews reports that a SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launched Friday at 1:12 a.m. EDT from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with “the latest set of the company’s Starlink satellites, along with two BlackSky imaging satellites.” Following liftoff from Kennedy’s Launch Complex 39A, and “a pair of burns, the upper stage deployed BlackSky’s Global-7 satellite nearly 62 minutes after launch, followed by the Global-8 satellite five minutes later.”  The 57 Starlink satellites making up the primary payload deployed 93 minutes after launch, which marked the fifth time that SpaceX has used the same Falcon 9 first-stage booster.
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