NASA Still Looking for Source of Air Leak On ISS Written 4 September 2020


International Space Station | NASA

The Daily Mail (UK) reports that ISS crewmembers “still haven’t found the source of an air leak that was first detected” in September 2019. The “recent surge in air loss, which suggests the hole is getting bigger, means NASA can’t put off finding the source any longer.” Most “of the station’s modules have already been ruled out as the location of the offending hole or gap, according to a NASA official.” The ground team “should be forming conclusions on the source of the leak in the coming days, which should help the three astronauts on board seal it off.” NASA spokesperson Daniel Huot said that detecting the source of the air leak is “taking longer than expected. ... The leak rate is still stable and well below the design specifications for the station and presents no concern for crew or vehicle safety.”
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