Boeing Says 787 Production Issues Will Cause Delay In Deliveries Written 9 September 2020


ANA Boeing 787-8 | BriYYZ/Wikimedia Commons

Aviation International News reports that The Boeing Company “has identified a new production quality issue leading to improper shimming and gap verification between certain components in the 787’s horizontal stabilizer, further slowing deliveries as it performs special inspections to address imperfections in fuselage skins and shimming problems within some of the airplanes’ aft fuselages, the company confirmed Tuesday.” A Boeing spokesperson said, “Our engineering analysis has determined this is not an immediate safety of flight issue. ... There is additional analysis happening. It’s possible that this condition may lead to premature aging of the part. None of the airplanes in service are within a window when they would begin to experience this aging.” 
Full Story (Aviation International News)