NASA Chief of Staff Lays Out Plans for Artemis Program After Landing Humans on Moon Written 9 September 2020


Artist's depiction of NASA's Artemis Moon Program. | NASA

NextGov reports that during an episode of Nextgov’s Critical Update podcast, NASA’s Chief of Staff Gabe Sherman laid out the agency’s strategies and goals for the Artemis program. Sherman said, “The strategy overall is to go back to the moon, prove out the technologies and capabilities – not to stay at the moon, but to move on to Mars. ... We want to have a permanent long-term presence, sustainable presence at the moon. But we don’t want to stop there, we want to make sure that everything that we’re doing has a purpose and moving us closer to that end goal, which is putting an American flag on Mars.” Sherman also said, “NASA needs great commercial partners to come alongside us and help stretch our resources...whenever we depend on the commercial companies to do things like take our astronauts back and forth to low-Earth orbit, it helps reduce costs for us.”
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