Dynetics Unveils Concept of Human Landing System to Compete In NASA’s Artemis Program Written 17 September 2020


Dynetics displayed a full-scale mockup of its lander design. | Dynetics; Aerospace America

Aerospace America reports that Dynetics’ Human Landing System (DHLS), the concept of which “the company is refining under a $253 million NASA contract, would be a low-slung lander standing about 1.5 meters from the ground, according to an animated video of the lander that the company released online Tuesday, before executives participated in an AIAA webinar about lunar exploration technologies.” By “contrast, rival Blue Origin proposes building a roughly 12-meter-tall lander requiring a much longer crew ladder, according to a rendering and dimensions released earlier this year, and a mockup delivered to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Texas last month.” SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft would be equipped with an elevator that the crew would ride down to the lunar surface and back. The three companies are competing “to move into the construction phase of” NASA’s $35 billion Artemis program.
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