Virgin Galactic CEO Discusses Company’s Long-Term Goals for Space Tourism Written 9 November 2020


SpaceShipTwo in a captive flight configuration underneath White Knight Two. | Jeff Foust ; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

CNBC reported Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier “outlined his long-term goals for the space tourism on Thursday, saying he sees the company bringing in up to $1 billion in annual revenue per spaceport in the years ahead.” While a “daily launch tempo is years away still for Virgin Galactic,” the company “is working to complete development of its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft.” So far, Virgin “has conducted two spaceflights – one in December 2018 and the other in February 2019 – and plans to fly two more test flights to space in the coming months before it flies founder Richard Branson.” Colglazier also “noted that reaching 400 flights per year will require multiple spacecraft operating in Virgin Galactic’s fleet.” 
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