Boom Supersonic to Test Fly Supersonic XB-1 Jet In 2021 Written 25 November 2020


Boom Supersonic's' XB-1 | Credit: Boom Supersonic–©; Aerospace America

SPACE reports that Boom Supersonic recently announced that it plans to fly a supersonic jet demonstrator in 2021. The demonstrator, XB-1, “will be 71 feet (22 meters) long and made of carbon composite, allowing it to remain resilient to flying faster than the speed of sound, the company said in an October statement.” Boom Supersonic Founder and CEO Blake Scholl said, “XB-1 is an important milestone towards the development of our commercial airliner, Overture, making sustainable supersonic flight mainstream and fostering human connection.” Boom Supersonic said that it hopes to do full-scale flight testing in 2025 to prepare for passenger flights later in the decade.
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