Maximize Your Membership: Update Your Member Profile and Professional Interest Codes Written 1 December 2020


Please update your member profile and Professional Interest Codes (PICs) by 8 January 2021 to ensure that AIAA can provide you with the correct electronic ballot for the 2021 election. It’s easy to do. Simply log into your MyAIAA account and click on the Manage My Profile hyperlink. Under the new governance structure, you can select up to three professional interests codes that qualify you to vote for directors in those Technical Groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Professional Interest Codes and why do I need to select them?
Professional Interest Codes are major areas of self-identified professional interests and are listed on the AIAA membership application and online. You may choose up to three. The professional interests are grouped by category. For example, the category Aerospace Sciences includes such professional interests as Fluid Dynamics, Ground Testing, and Sounding Rockets. Professional interests in the Systems Integration category include Aerospace Traffic Management and Transformational Flight.

 AIAA Personal Interest Codes

0010 History
0015 Society & Aerospace Technology

0100 Economics
0110 Legal Aspects of Aeronautics & Astronautics 0115 Management

0200 Aeroacoustics
0210 Applied Aerodynamics
0215 Astrodynamics & Orbital Mechanics
0216 Astrophysics
0220 Atmospheric & Space Environment
0225 Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
0235 Fluid Dynamics
0240 Guidance, Navigation, & Control
0245 Aerodynamic Measurement Technology
0250 Plasmadynamics & Lasers
0255 Sounding Rockets
0265 Thermophysics
0270 Remote Sensing & Applications
0275 Thermodynamics
0280 Computational Fluid Dynamics
0285 Modeling & Simulation
0290 Ground Testing
0295 Meshing, Visualization & Computational Environments
0299 General Aerospace Sciences

0300 Air Transportation Systems
0302 On Demand Mobility
0305 Aircraft Design
0306 Aircraft Noise & Emissions
0310 Aircraft Operations
0315 Aircraft Safety
0316 Balloon Systems
0320 General Aviation
0325 Helicopter Design
0330 Lighter-Than-Air Systems
0340 V/STOL Aircraft Systems
0345 Marine Systems & Technology
0355 Hypersonic Systems
0360 Flight Testing
0365 Electronic Equipment Design
0375 Aircraft Maintenance
0380 Reliability
0385 Test & Evaluation
0395 Producibility & Cost Engineering
0397 Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems
0399 General Aircraft & Atmospheric Systems

0400 Aerospace Electronics
0401 Cyber-Security of Aerospace Systems
0402 Robotics
0410 Intelligent Systems
0420 Information & Command & Control Systems
0425 Communications Systems
0430 Computer Systems
0435 Digital Avionics Systems
0440 Sensor Systems and Information Fusion
0445 Software Systems
0455 System Effectiveness & Safety
0465 Micro/Nanotechnology
0466 Systems Engineering
0499 General Information Systems

0500 Aerospace Power Systems
0510 Electric Propulsion
0515 Liquid Propulsion
0520 Propellants & Combustion
0525 Solid Rockets
0530 Terrestrial Energy Systems
0535 Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion
0540 Hybrid Rockets
0545 Energetic Components & Systems
0550 Gas Turbine Engines
0555 High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion
0560 Propulsion-Airframe Integration
0599 General Propulsion & Energy Systems

0600 Life Sciences & Systems
0605 Missile Systems
0610 Space Operations & Support
0615 Microgravity & Space Processes
0620 Space Systems
0625 Space Transportation
0630 Space Sciences & Astronomy
0635 Space Automation & Robotics
0636 Directed Energy Systems Weapons
0640 Weapon System Effectiveness
0645 Human Factors Engineering
0650 Satellite Design, Integration & Test
0655 Launch Operations
0660 Laser Technology & Applications
0665 Space Tethers
0670 Space Colonization
0675 Space Tourism
0680 Terraforming
0685 Space Resources
0690 Space Architecture
0695 Space Logistics
0696 Space Traffic Management
0697 Space Commercialization
0699 General Space & Missiles

0701 Survivability
0705 Design Engineering
0710 Design Technology
0735 Materials
0745 Structural Dynamics
0750 Structures
0755 Adaptive Structures
0765 Spacecraft Structures
0770 Non-Deterministic Approaches
0775  Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
0776 Advanced/Additive Manufacturing
0778 Complex Aerospace Systems
0799 General Aerospace Design & Structures

0805 Aerospace Traffic Management
0810 CFD Vision 2030
0815 Digital Engineering
0820 Directed Energy Systems
0825 Energy Optimized Aircraft
0830 Green Engineering
0835 Space Exploration
0840 Transformational Flight
0845 Unmanned Systems

How do I update my profile and pick Professional Interest Codes?
Log into MyAIAA account and click on the  Edit Profile hyperlink found under My Account Information. You can edit everything on your account, including changing or adding Professional Interest Codes, your job function, and primary business.

Can I change my mind and choose new codes?
Yes, we encourage you to update your profile regularly to best reflect your current interests.

How are Professional Interest Codes used by AIAA?
The codes are used to group members by self-identified professional interests. If you want to know all about remote sensing or electric propulsion, you’ll be grouped with like-minded members. The codes you select are used in elections and communications.

How are Professional Interest Codes related to AIAA Elections?
Every AIAA member has professional interests. Now your voice will be amplified in those areas you select! How? Under the new governance structure, Professional Interest Codes are used when voting for directors in the Technical Groups. A Technical Director leads each Technical Group. The voting members who belong to that group, as determined by Professional Interest Codes, elect the Technical Director for their group.

You will not vote for Technical Groups outside your interest areas. You’ll only vote for Council of Directors candidates who are part of the Technical Groups you have chosen with Professional Interest Codes. Of course, all professional members in good standing still get to vote for AIAA president-elect and directors for Integration and Outreach Groups.

Do Professional Interest Codes affect how AIAA communicates with me?
AIAA wants you to provide you with the most relevant information to help you do your job and succeed in the aerospace community. Among its many offerings, the Institute produces technical journals and convenes forums. Many AIAA members participate in technical committees as well. Do you want to know everything about aircraft noise and emissions? We’ll make sure you do. Not interested in satellite design? No problem—we won’t put you on that list.

Why do you want my demographic information?
We are working to have the aerospace community reflect the diversity found in the world in which we live. Knowing who our current members are helps us gauge our progress.