United Airlines to Resume Flights With 737 MAX In February 2021 Written 21 December 2020


United Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX. | Credit: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt; Wikimedia Commons; GNU Free Documentation License

Live and Let’s Fly reported that United Airlines will make its first passenger flight with a Boeing 737 MAX since the global grounding in February of 2021. After “months of preparation,” United “will base its restarted 737 MAX service out of two hubs, Denver (DEN) and Houston (IAH).” In a message to employees, the airline said, “Safety has been and always will be our top priority, and it’s something we will never compromise for any reason. As we said when we announced the FAA certification of the MAX last month, United won’t fly the MAX until we have completed more than 1,000 hours of work on every aircraft, including FAA-mandated changes to the flight software, additional pilot training, multiple test flights and meticulous technical analysis.”
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