Tech Entrepreneur Isaacman Charters Private SpaceX Orbital Mission, Which He Will Command Written 2 February 2021


SpaceX Inspiration4 is a planned SpaceX Crew Dragon mission to low Earth orbit operated by SpaceX on behalf of Jared Isaacman. | Wikipedia; CC0

SPACE reports that tech entrepreneur Jared Isaacman “has chartered a trip to Earth orbit with” SpaceX on a mission that he will command. The Inspiration4 mission will see a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule “spend an estimated two to four days circling Earth and then come back down for an ocean splashdown.” The mission will have four crewmembers, including Isaacman, with no professional astronauts on board. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said Monday, “It will be the first-ever all-private crewed orbital mission in history.”
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