NASA’s Perseverance Rover Successfully Touches Down on Mars Written 19 February 2021


Perseverance Rover's first image from Mars | NASA/JPL-Caltech

ABC News reports that after a tense, seven-minute descent Thursday afternoon, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars. After a “seven-month journey through the cosmos,” Perseverance touched down on the Red Planet’s Jezero Crater at 3:55 p.m. ET. Shortly after landing, “the rover, nicknamed ‘Percy,’ sent its first image back to Earth.“ Thursday’s landing was the finale in over a decade of work by NASA scientists and engineers, “but there was no guarantee the landing would go smoothly – only about 50% of all pervious Mars landing attempts have succeeded, according to NASA.” The rover’s successful journey is expected to “help pave the way for future human exploration of Mars.”  
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