Airbus Increases Range, Maximum Take-Off Weight of A220-300 Written 24 March 2021


An A220-300 with the Airbus livery | Steve Lynes; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

FlightGlobal reports that Airbus will “offer a further range increase on the A220-300 towards the middle of this year, with a 1t hike in the twinjet’s maximum take-off weight.” The update “will take the MTOW of the -300, the larger of the A220 variants, to 70.9t from the current 69.9t and will provide some 200nm additional range.” The company “has been gradually refining the A220 since taking over the programme, formerly known as the CSeries, from Bombardier in July 2018.” The “-300 is the more popular of the two A220 models, accounting for 539 of the 629 firm orders by the end of February 2021.” Airbus “is focusing on increasing the competitiveness of the A220, in order to shift the programme into profitability. Production rates are being raised to five aircraft per month by the end of the first quarter.”
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