Three F-35A Squadrons Will Join Tyndall AFB’s 325th Fighter Wing in September 2023 Written 31 March 2021


F-35 variants flying in formation.. | Credit: Harland Quarrington/MOD; Wikipedia; OGL v1.0

Defense News reports that on Monday, the US Air Force announced that “three F-35A squadrons will officially call Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., home starting in September 2023.” Seventy-two Lightning IIs “will join the 325th Fighter Wing, which previously handled F-22 Raptors at the Florida Panhandle base. Each squadron will take charge of 24 aircraft. An additional six jets will be available as backup inventory.” In a press release, 325th Fighter Wing Commander Col. Greg Moseley said, “Adding F-35 squadrons at Tyndall ensures airmen will continue to have a strategic advantage as the 325th Fighter Wing enhances fighter training and combat readiness.”
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