Airbus Accelerates Deliveries in March Written 8 April 2021


Airbus A320 Wizz Air | Credit: Piotr Hojka; Wikimedia Commons

Reuters reports that Airbus “accelerated jet deliveries in March, putting it within reach of matching or even eclipsing last year’s first-quarter total, which was only partially affected by the coronavirus crisis, tracking estimates showed on Wednesday.” The company “delivered 122 aircraft in the first three months of 2020.” Airbus “delivered 53 jets in the first two months of 2021 and then accelerated sharply in March, according to industry sources and unofficial estimates.” The planemaker “is expected to update delivery data on Thursday, ahead of quarterly earnings on April 29. Any final delivery data is subject to last-minute changes due to internal auditing.” According to the Airbus Finkenwerder News blog, the company delivered 44 A320 aircraft in March 2021 – nearly double the number that it delivered in January.
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