FAA Asks Boeing for New Analysis of Electrical Grounding Problem on 737 MAXs Written 5 May 2021


Undelivered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft | SounderBruce; Wikipedia; CC BY-SA 4.0

Reuters reports that the FAA has “asked The Boeing Company to supply fresh analysis and documentation showing numerous 737 MAX subsystems would not be affected by electrical grounding issues first flagged in three areas of the jet in April, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.” The “electrical problems have suspended nearly a quarter of its 737 MAX fleet,” and the call for additional analysis “injects new uncertainty over the timing of when Boeing’s best-selling jetliner would be cleared to fly by” the FAA. The “production-related electrical grounding problem” was first found “in a backup power control unit situated in the cockpit on some recently built airplanes.” The problem “was then found in two other places on the flight deck, including the storage rack where the affected control unit is kept and the instrument panel facing the pilots.
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