US Air Force to Cut Planned F-35 Purchases in Future Defense Plans Written 17 May 2021


USAF F-35A in flight, 2013  | U.S. Air Force photo by MSgt John Nimmo Sr.; Wikipedia; Public Domain

Air Force Magazine reported that the US Air Force “will propose about a 10 percent cut in its planned F-35 purchases in the upcoming future years defense plan, citing sustainment costs for the jet well above what was expected, and because the service prefers to wait for the more advanced Block 4 model.” Budget talking points obtained by Air Force Magazine revealed that the “Air Force plans to request 48 F-35s in fiscal year 2022, but only 43 aircraft a year from fiscal 2023 to 2026. The effect over the five years would be to buy 220 jets versus 240 under the previous plan.”
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