Boeing Schedules Next EcoDemonstrator Test Flight for June 29 Written 4 June 2021

A 757 aircraft used as an ecoDemonstrator testbed in 2015. | Credit: NASA; Wikipedia; Public Domain

Aviation International News reports that The Boeing Company “has scheduled the first test flight of its latest ecoDemonstrator – an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 carrying 20 new technology elements – for June 29.” The aircraft, “expected to enter revenue service with Alaska Airlines dressed in a special ecoDemonstrator livery by the middle of next year, will carry out test flights using a 30 percent blend of sustainable aviation fuel derived from animal fats and greases until December 2.” The “20 technologies planned for the latest ecoDemonstrator include a new fire extinguishing agent to replace Halon 1301 in the engine compartment.” Global “authorities have banned the production of Halon,” and the International Civil Aviation Organization “has set a 2024 deadline for discontinuing its use.” The test flight program also will partner with NOAA “to measure greenhouse-gas levels in the atmosphere to support the agency’s climate modeling and long-term forecasting.
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