Hyundai Says It Could Have Flying Cars Operational In 2025 Written 15 June 2021


Hyundai and Uber display their Aerial Ride-sharing Electric Air Taxi at CES 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, 8 Jan. 2020 | Associated Press-©

Reuters reports that Hyundai Motor Co. and General Motors Co. “said on Monday they are pushing ahead with developing flying cars, with the South Korean company expressing optimism it could have an air-taxi service in operation as soon as 2025.” Hyundai COO José Munoz “previously said urban air taxis would be in operation at major U.S. airports by 2028 and perhaps earlier. He told Reuters on Monday it could possibly happen before 2025.” Pamela Fletcher, vice president of GM’s Global Innovation team, said, “I think that there’s a long pathway here. ... 2030 is probably a real commercial inflection point.”
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