FAA Doesn’t Expect Certification of Boeing 777X Before 2023 Written 28 June 2021


Folded wingtip of the Boeing 777X, at the rollout of the first 777-9 airframe in Everett, WA. | Dan Nevill from Seattle, WA; Wikipedia; CC BY 2.0

Bloomberg reports that the FAA sent a letter to The Boeing Company on May 13 expressing concerns about the company’s newest version of the 777 “because of what U.S. regulators called a test-flight incident and multiple other issues with software and inadequate data.” The FAA wrote that the agency “anticipates a significant impact to the level of regression testing, change impact analysis, and the potential to increase the number of certification flight tests that will need to take place.” The FAA told Boeing that it does not expect to certify the jet before the second half of 2023.
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